Surgical Dentistry

Every surgery performed at "Smiles by Gentle Dental" is under the guidance of a highly skilled general dentist. With the best types of equipment and amenities, we can be the best choice to perform your complex dental surgeries. In addition, we make sure that our patients can get specialized health care.

Our patients can avail of the following surgical services:

Surgical Dentistry
  • Teeth extraction: Simple or surgical removal of teeth
  • Tori removal: Removal of bony growths in the oral cavity
  • Alveoloplasty: Recontouring of excessive bone
  • Immediate dentures; Removal of teeth with immediate delivery of complete or partial acrylic dentures
  • Wisdom tooth removal: Partial removal of Soft tissue impacted teeth.
  • Soft tissue surgeries: Removal of non-cancerous soft tissue growths

Experts in Surgical Treatment

We intend to provide surgical procedures with minimal postoperative complications and distress.

Our experts have good experience performing complicated dental surgeries. You can be at peace knowing that you will get away with your issue in a proper way.

People often have a fear of tooth extraction. Our specialists try to make the process painless for patients.

You can meet up with the dentist, and they will explain all about the process to you. Then you can get started with the best possible treatment for your condition.

Seamless Surgeries

Seamless Surgeries

We understand that you might be afraid and tense about the treatment. Once you meet and have a conversation with our specialist, you will feel stress-free for sure.

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