Dentures Treatment

Dr. Nirmaldeep Brar has long experience providing patients with complete and partial dentures. These are the common benefits of dentures.

Dentures Treatment
  • Younger-looking appearance.
  • Comfort in talking and eating.
  • Effortless to maintain.
  • Enhance oral health.
  • Promote self-confidence
1. What Does An Immediate Denture Mean?
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The denture that we give at the time of tooth extraction is called an immediate denture.

2. What Are The Perks Of An Immediate Denture?
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The basic advantage of an immediate denture is that you don't have to be without teeth for any length of time. It is a type of healing denture that helps you function and maintain your appearance until you get a permanent denture. It acts as a bandage on sore gum tissues and helps in healing. Also, the patient gets used to wearing dentures and will have no issue with replacement dentures.

3. What Does A Replacement Complete Denture Mean?
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A patient can get it after the complete healing of gum tissues. Before getting a permanent or replacement denture, they should wait at least 5–6 months after the removal of all teeth.

4. How Many Appointments Will It Take To Get A Replacement Complete Denture?
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In general, a patient will need the following appointments to get a complete replacement denture:
Appointment 1: Identification and treatment planning for the creation of a complete denture
Appointment 2: Designing a mold of your gums (First impression)
Appointment 3: Reviewing the height of gums and supporting tissues with the help of wax.
Appointment 4: Assessing shape, shade, size and occlusion of teeth in wax (wax teeth try-in)
Appointment 5: If the patient is comfortable with the look of their teeth and occlusion (bite), then delivery of a full denture
Appointment 6: Review and deliver needed changes during future visits.
The above appointments may vary in other cases, as many dentures are created in 3-4 steps.

5. How Much Time Will It Take To Get A Complete Denture?
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It can take up to 2-4 weeks, depending on many aspects such as lab processing, accessibility of the dentist and the patient, changes or reviews needed and complications in the case.

  • Cast partial dentures.
  • Soft reline.
  • Hard reline.
  • Metal-free partial dentures.
  • Implant over-dentures.
  • Denture repairs.
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Main Objections Regarding Partials And Dentures

Below are some of the common queries that we receive.
6. Our patient Tina from Gary, Indiana, asked about her lower denture. She asked Why Does My Lower Denture Move While I Eat? How Can I Make It Fit Better, and Should I Opt For Dental Implants?
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The American Dental Association suggests people opt for at least two implant placements in the lower jaw so dentures can fit tightly on the lower jaw bones.

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