Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

We have experienced dentists and the best types of equipment to help you enhance your appearance. Improve the look of your gums and teeth and make them look the way you want.

Alignment Specialist

Clear Aligner Treatment

Are you having a tough time with your crooked and distorted teeth? Our alignment experts will figure out the best solution for your problem.

Root Canal Specialist

Root Canal Treatment

We know people are stressed about the extraction, so our root canal experts are there to save the damaged tooth and help you relieve tooth pain.

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About Us

Smiles by Gentle Dental offers excellent dentistry services. People can come up with their oral health issues and our experts can figure out the best solution for their needs.

Dr. Nirmaldeep Singh aspires to provide optimum dental care, which includes understanding the human fear of dentistry and the complexity of dental treatment. With years of experience, people undergo complete oral care and get customized treatment for healthy teeth and gums here.

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Michael D. Foreman
CEO & Founder
know about our team
know about our team

Highly Qualified Team

Dr.Nirmaldeep Singh Brar, DMD

Meena Brar, Senior Office Coordinator

Savannah Garcia

Caitlin Brown

Julie Brunt

Jamie Novak, RDH

Vision And Mission


Our Vision

At Smiles by Gentle Dental, we endeavor to provide our patients with the best dental care. We continuously try to enhance our services so that our patients can have a pleasant experience.


Our Mission

When you visit our clinic, you are under the observation of highly experienced cosmetic dentists and dental surgeons.Our dental clinic will provide you with the best smile. We are experienced in handling all oral health procedures, from cosmetic to orthodontic, at a reasonable price.

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Most people do not have dental insurance to cover their routine checkups. You can get up to a 20% discount on many services.
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We offer 20 % discount on many dental services.
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