Preventive Measures For Dental Health

As per our experience, we suggest and encourage everyone to indulge in routine oral checkups. You should start taking your children for oral assessments at 6 months of age. It will take some time for your child to get familiar with the dentist. In addition, they will acquire a long-lasting doctor-patient relationship without any dental fear.

When their dental oddities are diagnosed at an early stage, they can avoid major dental problems. Many dental issues can be treated in the early stages, such as Cleft palate, Cleft lip, neonatal teeth, Tongue tie, etc.

Our expert, Dr. Brar, thinks we should treat dental issues at the initial stage and provide many preventive services. Our patients can receive the following preventive services:

Dental Health
  • Simple cleaning or Prophy-adult or child
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride varnish
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Improper bite, also called "malocclusion"
    • Early tooth cavities
    • Space maintainers.
    • Mouth guards or night guards
    • Clenching or grinding of teeth
    • Poorly arranged teeth
    • Abnormal tooth development
    • Habits such as thumb sucking which further result in jaw deformities

    Take Prior action

    These problems are likely to affect your kid's oral health and dental development, so try to get away with them at an early stage.

    Get your kid's oral health assessed by our experts. We would be glad to figure out the appropriate preventive measures for your kids.

    At our clinic, we provide special discounts to our patients; most people can benefit from our dental services.

    You get a complete dental examination, x-rays, a simple cleaning, and fluoride at the most reasonable price. Drop a call to our office and explore other special offers that you can avail.

    Why Preventive Services

    Preventative Services

    Getting your kids an early oral assessment can prove beneficial at many points. As said, oral health is a window to your overall health and you need to keep a check on that. We take pride in providing customized treatment plans to our patients. You can rest assured that your little ones can have healthy smiles for their whole lives.

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