Often tori surgery is performed with high-speed dental drill bits and dental Tori Removal. CA chisels. During the procedure, your “Smiles by Gentle Dental” specialist will confirm you don’t feel a thing by providing local anesthetics and sedation if necessary. Though the surgery itself won’t be painful, tori removal are often a touch uncomfortable.

Another method of tori removal is completed via lasers. Though not appropriate altogether cases, this method provides excellent accuracy and fewer palate trauma than traditional tori surgery. With laser surgery, there’s also less risk of postoperative infections.

Is​ tori removal​ right for you?

Most people suffering from tori have benign cases and won’t require treatment. However,
torus mandibular is or palatinus removal could also be required to:

Tori Removal Process

“Smiles by Gentle Dental” usually recommends a consultation to diagnose your condition and discuss your treatment options. Although tori reduction could also be performed under local anaesthesia , it’s usually suggested to think about conscious IV sedation during the procedure to assist minimize your “gag reflex” during surgery. performing on the areas within the roof of your mouth or under your tongue will best be performed by choosing an anesthetic technique that matches your individual needs.