Dental sealants are restorative materials that are applied on the occlusal (chewing) surfaces of back teeth (Molars and Premolars) in children and young patients.

Who should get dental sealants?

Any patient who is prone to get dental decay due to deep pits and fissures on occlusal surfaces of teeth must get sealants to prevent dental caries. According to various studies, patients who had sealants placed on teeth show 50-80 % less incidence of dental caries.

Questions and answers

 Q:- Why do my kids need dental sealants?

Dental sealants also are known as pit and fissure sealants help seal pits and fissures on occlusal surfaces of teeth. By sealing the grooves on teeth, they prevent the collection of food in these grooves/pits hence delay the process of cavitation in our teeth. In addition, some dental sealants also have fluoride in it. Fluoride helps in preventing cavity by remineralizing weak tooth surfaces

 Q:-What are the advantages of dental sealants?

There are different advantages of dental sealants.

  1. They seal the deep pits and fissures thus prevent cavities in teeth
  2. They release fluoride that is known to prevent decay in teeth

Q:-Are dental sealants painful?

The great thing about dental sealants is that they are not painful at all. A patient who gets dental sealants does not need any novocaine(local anesthetics) or teeth drilling.

Q:-What if my kids do not get dental sealants?

Kids are prone to get cavities due to their limited ability to maintain oral hygiene and presence of deep pits and fissures on back teeth. If kids do not get sealants on their teeth, they are more susceptible to get dental caries as compared to kids with sealants on their teeth.

 Q:-I have heard that dental sealants have BPA in it and BPA causes cancer. Are dental sealants safe for my kid’s health?

According to recent evidence, there are no major health hazards as compared to other dental materials.

Q:-Are dental sealants expensive?

Dental sealants are very inexpensive dental procedures as compared to white fillings on occlusal surfaces of back teeth. Getting dental sealants can prevent major dental expenses by preventing or delaying dental caries process. 

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