Complete denture

Tooth loss are often the results of many factors, including but not limited to congenital abnormalities, trauma, disease, and general neglect. Significant variations exist between countries, and tooth loss is additionally influenced by economic and social factors.1 Whether people plan to replace their missing teeth depends on sociological, functional, and financial considerations.


Placement of an entire denture requires attention to detail to hide all important clinical items such prosthesis fit, denture base extensions, esthetics, occlusion, patient comfort and post-placement instructions. additionally , the clinician should communicate clearly with the patient regarding expectations with an entire denture prosthesis.

Steps for Getting Dentures

  1. Pre-denture healthy visit: the primary visit are going to be to form sure that the gums and soft tissue are healthy and prepared for the new teeth.
  2. Denture length and plane adjustment: The second visit is once we decide the length of the new teeth supported the patient’s mouth.
  3.  This is a critical step within the denture process. The dental lab will send a mockup of your denture, which incorporates a group of pre-made plastic teeth, set in wax, to form sure you’re proud of the overall color, look, fit and feel of the denture.
  4. This is often the fitting of your final denture. The lab has now processed the premade teeth into a tough , tissue colored acrylic base. If necessary, your dentist will make adjustments to the fit and therefore the bite, and you’ll got to return to the office if you experience any sore spots or issue within subsequent few weeks to possess the denture adjusted.