Clear aligners are popular because they will do tons of the items traditional orthodontics can do, more discreetly and conveniently.

Many tooth movements are possible with clear aligners, and most sorts of malocclusion are often improved with clear aligner therapy. However, some cases are still better-suited for traditional braces, or a mixture of techniques.

How Will Dental Clinics Be Affected?

As on the date of this correspondence, many countries have eased their lockdowns. Dental clinics have gradually began to function with inadequate or overwhelmingly confusing guidelines and advisories to make sure no spread of infection while treating patients . nonsocial infection within the clinics may cause an exponential rise within the number of cases within the locality, thereby putting in danger lives of the many . Also, such incidents may cause litigations rising from inadequate infection control measures.


Clear Aligners are transparent trays made from special material which are wont to straighten teeth a bit like braces. They use gentle and constant force to maneuver the teeth within the required position without browsing the hassles of metal wires and brackets. they’re custom made for every patient through a digital scan.

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